Bible Links

Here are some useful links for Bible study, teaching and preaching.

NOTE TO MY STUDENTS: These links represent various perspectives. Do not think that by listing them, I have done your critical thinking for you!

Audio Treasures—Listen to the Bible in MP3 format. Also some of the great books in MP3 format. Some are free, some may be purchased.

Bible Difficulties—One of many sites that discuss difficulties with the Bible regarding matters of its content.—The go-to place to looking up passages. There are links to commentaries and foreign languages.—This interesting and fact-filled site allows for all kinds of study, correspondence courses and research. It also has video and audio teaches available. It also has an online version of the New English Translation with all of the great footnotes.—Some folks from Master's College assembled this collection of great pictures and links. Lots of Holy Land data.

Christian Book Summaries—Sort of a Cliff's Notes for current Christian books. Provides PDF summaries. Books may be purchased through the site.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library—Just what the name includes. Also has audio books.

Christianity Today—News, Ministry, Articles

Chronology Chart—Just what the title implies. Pretty general, not perfect, but a good rough idea.

Cory—One of my fellow teachers at Worthington Christian. Lots of good things, especially the videos.

Creeds of Christendom—Need to brush up on the Apostles' Creed, or the Nicene Creed, or the statements of belief of your favorite denomination? Also many Evangelical statements and covenants.

Cyber Hymnal—Get acquainted again for the first time with the "old" hymns. Site is multi-language, has background of the song and writer, and a midi track for each hymn.

Dr Shirley's History Pages—This link is to the Alexander The Great and the inter-testamental period.

Early Christian Writings—As the name might imply!

Follow the Rabbi—This site is from Ray Vander Laan, maker of the "That The World May Know" video series. It contains lots of easy to access information about the background of the Old and New Testaments. It contains a wealth of good information that makes certain texts come to life when we understand them the way the original hearers understood them.

Internet Sacred Text Archive—Code of Hammurabi, Early Christian writing, Babylonian, Hindu, Islamic and Jewish accounts of creation, flood and much more. This is an overwhelming collection of various texts from diverse traditions and cultures. The link opens the Ancient Near Eastern materials. Navigate to the home page to see all that is available.

N.T. Wright Page—Always informative, often controversial, and usually over my head!

NET Bible—The New English Translation. A newer translation of the Bible with excellent footnotes. Be sure to check out the rest of the material on

Peter Kreeft Page—Peter Kreeft, Ph.D., is a professor of philosophy at Boston College and at the King's College. Excellent apologetics.

Post Modern Preaching—Very interesting look at preaching and teaching. Useful article on the Biblical metanarrative.

Sonic Light—A collection of many audio studies, and, in my opinion, most interestingly, notes on the Bible by Dallas Seminary professor, Dr. Thomas Constable.

Stand to Reason—Some interesting articles on ethics and apologetics. Be sure to read "Christianity's Real Record."

Synoptic Gospels Parallel—A parallel of the synoptic gospels compared with the gospel of John.

The Synoptic Problem—An interesting article by Dan Wallace of Dallas Seminary

The Synoptic Problem Home Page—A very useful collection of information and links regarding the "Synoptic Problem."

The Text This Week—Very useful index for finding movie clips that go with various biblical themes. Other preaching materials are included on this site including a lectionary and other liturgical references.

Thoughts From Narnia—The blog of one of the Administrators at Worthington Christian Schools, dealing primarily with issues of worldview and the integration of the academic disciplines with a biblical worldview.

Webmuseum—A virtual art museum. It is always interesting to see how biblical and theological themes are portrayed throughout the history of art.

Xenos Church—A central Ohio church, knowing for its detailed teachings. Good video and audio teaching.